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Good morning! 06/27/2011
Its Monday again! that means time to clean the house! The kids are adjusting to our summer routine of chores before PLAY!! they are no longer baulking at the jobs they have to do. Yesterday was a very exciting and busy day for us here. It was our churches 100th homecoming  and dinner on the grounds. We had a wonderful service. Rj went off to Boyscout Camp in the Shenadoa(sp) mountains. Then Rj and I took the other kids to a Toby Mac and Sanctus Real concert at Busch Gardens it was a blast! To be with 2000 other people Pumped up about God, was awesome! There was standing room only and then that was closed and the people were still lined up for hours. e all had a great time I love Sundays !!!! and I love going to church with my family, everyday I am reminded how blessed I am. I have all the things I ever prayed for. Go
a new day 06/23/2011
well it a new day! DD and I went to the "little red hen community Garden" this morning Thank you Carrie for turning on the sprinkler! Everything is now growing!! Thank you God for the rain!!! DD picked her first cucumber!! She is very excited! I love it when the kids get to harvest the fruits of THEIR labor, it teahes them so much about life. They can learn that one tiny little weed left un attended either spreads and ruins everything or it may just stay and choke out your best plant. They can learn that sometimes no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you pray, things just don't work out the way you want and God simply has a different plan. This day is a wonderful day for learning.
we also have a few new blessings in the "Chick-Inn" Thank you K' we addd some new pullets to our flockas replacements for some dissapearing chicken! When we went out this morning we found that a woodsy critter had come for a mid night snack and took 2 more hens!!! So today its plan "C" still figuring out what that is!!!
Home Run! 06/22/2011
Ok so we are learning here, who knew a pulsator PULSES!!!
Well when the milk machine arrived it was ready to go with only a little tightening. So I tightened everything down and milked away, all was well. Ok so  I was again reading the mannual for cleaning instructions and read that the pulsator should click  40 times a minute and to this I thought, hmmmmm. I hvent heard any clicks ever!
so I checked a few things loosened a few nuts and whaaa hoooo CLICKING the pulsator clicks! I am so surprised that the cow has been so patient with this thing sucking her brains out of her teats with out any release at all for month now!!! wow what a surprise. But anyhow all fixed now  
 Today it the fourth day of RAIN!!! arghh! man this really stinks. The little red hen garden really needs it but milking in the rain stinks! Thank God it is June and the air is warm because this makes it not so intolerable.
However the mud it awful! it is everywhere. Anyhow Fish isn't minding the weather or the mud!! she gladly gave 4 gallons of yummy milk this morning in exchange for an apple an molasses sweetened feed. We are trying to fatten Fish up for breeding in September so we have taken the Baby off and are milking her once a day for a while. We will soon be adding some new hay to her diet and some locally grown vegetables and feed! I am very excited!
First Post! 06/20/2011
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